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Philae Landing

Michael Sullivan | November 12-2014 January 25th-2016 | No Comments
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The landing of Rosetta’s lander Philae is a first for humankind. No man made object has ever soft-landed on a comet; sure we’ve smashed into them but it’s difficult to gather data post-collision. The Philae lander will gather information about the chemical composition of our early solar system. Like an insect inside amber, the ice and dust at the comet’s core has been preserved for nearly 5 billion years. Philae will attempt, with its many instruments, to analyze the chemical makeup of this remnant from the birth of our solar system.

As as a primary contractor for the Rosetta mission, Dunmore provided insulating materials that have protected mission-critical components and delicate electronics over a decade-long flight. Dunmore materials are used in the construction of multi-layer insulation (MLI) blankets; these blankets are the spacecraft’s primary thermal control system. Thermal protection was particularly important during Rosetta’s mission because the spacecraft had to power down for almost three years of its journey to conserve power. Read more about Dunmore’s role in the mission.

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