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Functional Films Blog

Carl Fiddler | October 06-2014 March 5th-2018 | No Comments

Dunmore Corporation’s Functional Films blog is a new resource for the film converting and web converting industry. Functional Films will focus on industries and applications that use films, foils and fabrics as well as those that could benefit.

Take a brief look around and the chances are very good that you will see or touch something that incorporates a functional film.

Film, foil and fabric products are an integral part of the things we use everyday – from the trim on your automobile to pleated window shades and wallpapers to solar panels and safety blankets, the materials used to insulate the building where you work and your home, the products used in the manufacture of aircraft’s insulation as well as the cabin interior… and let’s not forget the thermal protection systems used to insulate the satellites that are critical for communication today. Dunmore’s Functional Films blog aims to peel back the onion and challenge you to think differently about the products you buy and manufacture, giving some thought to how films, foils and fabrics can be used to improve the products you buy and manufacture.

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