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DUNMORE Recognized in NASA’s Spinoff Magazine

Michael Sullivan | February 22nd-2016 | No Comments

DUNMORE Corporation is recognized in the 2016 edition of NASA’s Spinoff magazine for its ability to develop products that protect and allow spacecraft and satellites to operate in the rigorous environment of space. DUNMORE, a leading supplier of coated, laminated, and metalized films for more than 40 years, has served the aerospace industry since 1985, supporting scores of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space missions as well those of the European Space Agency and others around the world.

The NASA Spinoff publication explores technologies originally developed for space missions, and adapted for applications right here on earth. These technologies are expansive, from radial tires to baby formula, and in DUNMORE’s case, Spinoff technologies make up a large part of the company’s product offerings today. Aircraft materials and reflective insulation are product examples of the company’s collaboration with space exploration.

These cooperative developments have fundamentally changed DUNMORE into an industry leader in handling specialty films, foils and fabrics for technical applications. It let us to new markets entirely such as Photovoltaic backsheets and the films & foils used in the manufacturing of batteries.

Learn more about DUNMORE’s work with NASA and the aircraft applications in its Spinoff magazine article or read the full press release.

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