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DUN-JET UV Inkjet Film: An Answer for UV Digital Printing Demands

Carl Fiddler | May 30th-2019 | No Comments
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DUNMORE UV Inkjet Film

Before discussing the details of Dunmore’s new UV inkjet film technology, it is important to take a step back and understand the macro trends taking place. We live in a world where products and packaging are becoming hyper-specialized. The focus has moved from general demographic and regional segmentation down to the individual level. Seeing your first name on a bottle of soda is just one example of how brand owners are trying to grab the attention of each consumer.

As a result of this ongoing trend, there is a greater need for smaller print runs. Unfortunately, traditional flexo printing is not very efficient for the new demands. That is why you continue to see the adoption of digital presses to meet the needs of the market. One of the key digital printing technologies currently in the market includes UV inkjet printers.

Dunmore is proud to announce DUN-JET UV Inkjet film series, specifically designed for UV inkjet printers. If the UV unit is part of a flexo press, the new uv inkjet films will also work on UV / flexo hybrid system.

Dunmore tested the uv inkjet printable film products with some of the leading UV inkjet printer manufacturers. This will allow potential customers to make better decisions and streamline the qualification process. Test results of the UV inkjet graphics film technology have shown strong print adhesion and excellent print quality. There was minimal streaking and high ink gloss levels from the print tests.

Standard DUN-JET UV inkjet films include:

  • UV Inkjet Polyester Film
  • UV Inkjet BOPP Film

There are times when a different film is required for a specific application. Dunmore has the flexibility to apply the UV printable coating technology to a variety of different substrates.

Learn more about the uv inkjet film options and the printing test results.

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